Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monthly Newsletter: 61 months

Dear Lucas,

This week you had your 62 monthly birthday. Which is 5 and 2 months. You are becoming more and more responsible. I really feel like are getting older. I'll leave you to play in the back yard for a bit. Or if I ask you to put on your shoes, I know for sure you'll do it. Or help me clear the table, you are becoming very responsible.

We had a crappy month as we went back to Ontario for Uncle Ian's funeral. I didn't know how you would react to it. At first I wasn't really sure you understood what was happening, but one night we were having one of our conversations and I knew you did. I said "tomorrow we are going on an airplane" You kicked your feet with excitement. I said "You will have to be good though, as we are going to be around all of daddy's family". You said " Everyone, but Uncle Ian" and I said yeah "everyone but Uncle Ian". I've got to say you were so good throughout the weekend. You seem to have a good ability to access a situation and know how to act. You have enough wisdom at 5 to look at a situation and follow the lead of most people.

School continues to go really well for you. I had a interview with your teacher and she hit the nail on the head about you. She said, you are always taking everything in, always learning. She gave an example of you and sorting. There are a whole bunch of small animals that you are suppose to sort. So you "super" sorted them. You didn't just sort the turtles into one group, but sorted all the different kind of turtles. Turtles, leather-back sea turtles, tortoises etc. Glad to see that all the zoo visits and books you were taking in all the information.

You are also in swimming lessons this fall. It is also going really well. You can dive down to the bottom of the pool. And although I won't let you swim in the big pool by yourself yet you probably could. You love swimming, when swimming lessons are done. You swim to the edge of the pool till you have to get out. Just like school, you are a really good student in all situations.

You and Nathan are continuing to play together more. It is so nice for you to have a brother to play with. You guys tonight made up this game called "turrets" which were like a kind of bomb that you guys would run around and destroy. You also played a rousing match of Hungry Hippos together. You love to make him laugh. Which makes you laugh, which makes him laugh and it continues on and on.

Grammie came since the last newsletter too. You were so thrilled about that visit. You followed her around like you were her shadow. Of course she ate it up. She would sit in your room in the evenings and Daddy would read both of you James and the Giant peach. She would play with you and pull the wagon when walking you to school. You would ask for her to come up for extra hugs after we left your room. You really enjoyed her company and took to her quickly.

Lucas you are a really good kid. I'm so proud to call you my son (Keep that up =)

love mommy

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