Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dr. Faul

Our family Dr. here in Calgary is a very nice man. We were lucky that when I got pregnant with Lucas there was a family Dr. close that was taking maternity patients. He has always been a quiet talker so you have to listen carefully when he talks, but we really like him. He is very concerned not only about your physical health but also about your mental health. Today when I took him for Nathan's 2.5 year appointment, we spent quite a bit of time talking about parenting. He looked him over physically and checked his height and weight and speech. But while he was doing this we had some interesting conversation about parenting. He said "I was doing a great job". He talked about how parents make the world for there kids. Some parents make the world a scary place or a fun place, he thought I made the place a curious one for my kids. A place to learn. Which I do try to do. It's interesting because we had a oral interview with Lucas's teacher and she said something very similar. That Lucas loved to learn and was constantly taking everything in.

Dr. Faul and I also talked about how parents play different roles for their kids. Sometimes they have to be the parent and nurture the kids. Other times they need to be the teacher and put their foot down. Sometimes they need to be a mentor and set good examples for their children. Sometimes I think I wear lots of different hats to satisfy my needs, but I think its satisfies the kids needs too. It sets example for them to be part of the world. Sometimes I feel guilty when I go to work, or go out on a date night or a girls night out, but it's so good to set examples for your kids on how to act and treat other people. It's interesting because all the things he says are so true and things I do all the time, but when someone puts them into words it is so insightful.

It's amazing how a 10 minute conversation can make me think about parenting for days and days to come.

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Darryl said...

Do you remember what Dr. Faul's blog URL is? Thought it might be nice to share that with everyone.

Goofball said...

He sounds like a very interesting & wise man that I'd love to chat with