Monday, October 11, 2010

Nathan's Montly Newsletter

Dear Nathan,

This week you turned two and a half. In another two and a half years you will be in school like Lucas is and will have grown up so quickly. You are so looking forward to school. I think having a big brother makes you look forward to life so much. For the moment I am really enjoying our "mornings" together. When Lucas is in school we go out and do things and are best buddies. I am enjoying that we get to spend this time together.

It was a hard month for all of us. We flew home for Uncle Ian's funeral and although you were quite good for most of it, but it was hard for you too. There were times that I was frustrated that you were not more quiet or less rowdy. But at the same time I have to remember you are only two years old. I do think your smile helped people.

As I was looking through pictures from the last month of you I have trouble finding any without Lucas. You and Lucas continue to be really good friends. Tonight you and he played for almost 2 hours. It's nice that you can talk more and communicate and have fun with Lucas. Alot of your play and imagining is beyond what most 2 year old plays, bad guys and "lightsabers" and shoot em up.

You have some of the greatest body language. I'm sure it's because you took longer to talk and so you needed to learn how communicate in other ways. But your facial expressions and your body expressions are priceless. If you don't get something you want, you can see your shoulders shrink and your head go down. Or if are thinking about a question you look around with your eyes.
Well best buddy, happy 2 and a half year old birthday.

Till Tomorrow


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Goofball said...

that last picture is so beautiful, you both shine on it!

your first sentence struck me again because in belgium children start school at 2.5-3 years canada at twice that age.