Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a smart cookie!

Tonight Lucas, Nathan and I were playing Lucas's favorite game of late "juice factory". Lucas brought me a drink which had soap in it. It was suppose to be a strawberry shortcake drink. I played along and pretend to drink it. Then dump it out and then gave him back the cup. Nathan says "mine, mine". So Lucas runs back into the other room and make Nathan one. A couple of moments later he comes back in with a cup for Nathan. He gives it to Nathan and Nathan starts to drink it. "Stop" I say "It's yucky it has soap". "No" says Lucas, "I didn't put any soap in his. The soap is the alcohol". "What do you mean?" I asked. " I only put soap in yours because the soap is alcohol and Nathan can't have alcohol."

What a smart cookie that Lucas is!

Till Tomorrow



Susan said...

OMG that is just to funny. It made my day. Thanks

Goofball said...

pheww good call by him

Alexis said...


Mark Eshpeter said...

Nice to see your family doing so well Jenn. Noting like a soap free cocktail i always say.