Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I can tell by all the green coming up in the garden, the sandals coming out of the closet and all of the rabbits around! There are usually a couple of jack rabbits around in the neighboor hood, but there are SO many of them around. This became an issue for us this morning, when letting Emma out to pee she must have seen a rabbit and chased after it. She was gone when it was time to take the kids, so I had to take the kids and go back and look for her. When I got back home she still wasn't on the front step. I headed out back to look for her and by the pond close to our house. I call her name about 3 or 4 times and then walked back to the house, and there she was sitting on the front step.

What a dog! It's great that she always comes back home. She is so smart, but sometimes too smart for her own good.....

Till Tomorrow



Susan said...

I guess that dogs chase rabbits like people chase rainbows

Goofball said...

glad she does have the discipline to return home

Anonymous said...

Ranger gets the shakes when he sees a rabbit in the yard. He did take off on Victor one day chasing one, but in the end he couldn't keep up and came back home.