Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Everyone! As anyone who knows me or has been reading for a while I'm quite passionate about doing good things for the earth. We recycle, grow our own vegetables, Darryl has started taking public transit to work, we use CFL light bulbs and I try to be very conscious that the decscions we make are usually good for the earth. So here is a list of the stuff we did to celebrate Earth Day:
  • Took my bike and trailer to the local grocery store
  • Brought our own bags to put food in
  • Planted carrot seeds in the garden (more seeds to be planted later)
  • Bought free run eggs
  • Nathan is wearing reused clothes from Lucas and one of our friends
  • Rather then buying cookies we made our own. Cuts down on "unknowns" in food and also the refining and shipping of the cookies
Not huge gigantic things, but all the little things help. What about you did you do anything for earth day?


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Goofball said...

if it weren't for some FB statuss's (from people on the other side of the ocean) I wouldn't have known it's Earth day. It really doesn't get much attention here in Belgium.

I always walk in town , mainly because driving in a historic city center with a lack of parking space doesn't make sense anyway. We do our groceries on our way home from work.
Recycling is mandatory in Belgium, ordinary light bulbs are no longer sold in Europe since 2010 and the Belgian supermarkets no longer give bags to pack your groceries in so we must all bring in reusable bags to shop.

haha we are "forced" to be environmently friendly :)