Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter

Dear Nathan,

Today you turn 2 years old. It feels like time has flown by. I can remember all the details about when you were born. Tonight while going to bed I let you play for a bit and I just watched you enjoy yourself. It was interesting to watch you entertain yourself.

There are still things that keep you baby-ish. My favorite is your cute baby run. You are also still in the no fear stage. You are super friendly. Will smile and wave at anyone, strangers or people you know

Although you are trying more words, your speech is still not great. We are still waiting to see a speech pathologist to help us. There are things I know you understand even though you can't say the words yet. You get the concept of counting even though you can't say the words. You will point like you are counting and say "unh, unh, unh" You also really enjoy singing even though you can't say the words.

Still love love love you Pop. You talk about him all the time. Every night I ask what you are going to dream about and it's either "at" which means cat or "Pop". Never Mom or Dad or ball or bear. When you see him you give him great big hugs and love to spend time with him.

In general you are very easy going. You are usually happy when I get you up in the mornings and unless you are hungy you are happy most of the day. You go down well for naps and most of the time well at night. You may cry a little for me, but really you are a pretty happy guy.

Eat pretty much anything. Unlike your brother who is starting to get more picky with foods you will still eat anything. For your birthday we are having avacado's and ham and pineapple. Two of your favorite foods.

Nathan this is such a great time in our lives. I love being your mom and a enjoying every moment of your childhood.

love mommy


Alexis said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Goofball said...

happy birthday to Nathan!!!