Monday, October 19, 2009


Our family has gone through been sick over the last two-ish weeks. It's made me think alot about the flu shots and there is so much in the media about H1N1. Plus I've been having quite a few conversations about it.

My inital reaction about it and about any flu vaccine is that I get it, but I don't give it to my kids. The biggest factor for me is not giving my kids needles. They don't like it. Darryl doesn't get the flu shots as well for the same reason, he doesn't really like needles. The difficulty with all flu shots is there is no guarantee that it will protect you against any of the flus you may come into contact with. Plus I'm nervous that it is so new.

So I've been reading up on it. I've read a some bunch of articles about it and it's making me think we should get the boys vaccinated.

What about you, what are you and the family doing?



sari said...

We have also been sick for the last two weeks or so (taking turns). I don't like flu shots myself. I have never had one. And I don't like the idea of actually introducing something into your body like that, especially when it's not a guarantee that it will actually work.

Lori said...

We first started getting flu shots in 2000 when Dad was in hospital. We couldn't go on his ward unless we had been vaccinated. After that, we used to visit Nannie at the nursing home each week and although they weren't insistent, not getting a flu shot meant we could inadvertently bring flu into the nursing home. After Nannie passed away, we've just continued getting them. We know that with seasonal flu, sometimes they choose the right strains and some years they don't but after watching the flu go through our office at work like a brush fire on the prairies, it's convinced me that a flu shot is a good idea. With the new H1N1, it seems to do the most damage in younger, healthy adults and teens. The vaccine has been built off of the platform from the seasonal flu vaccine so I'm confident in it's safety and efficacy. We'll be gettig flu shots (H1N1 late-Oct & seasonal flu in early-December) just as soon as the clinic schedule is posted here in London. I remember having the flu when I was 11 or 12 and it was horrible. A quick needle prick to avoid going through that again is worth it to me even if I don't like needles very much.
Just my thoughts...


Lesley said...

I witnessed an ugly Facebook war where one person complained that a child that received a flu shot got her entire dayhome sick and how bad it was. And then tons of people commented to back her up that flu shot is bad and then tons of people commented to say how great it is.

I have conflicting feelings but I think we've decided to get the boys the seasonal flu shot for sure.

beth - total mom haircut said...

I get the boys the vaccine on the Flu Mist form and will get them the H1N1 that way as well. Everything I have read indicates that the Mist form is more effective in preventing the diseases, it's introduces them to the viruses in a more natural way and has less secondary ingredients. SO that's what I do:)

Goofball said...

I started getting flu vaccinations as a student when I had January exams ....after years of catching the flu every year, I did not want to risk exam failure because of the flu.

Currently my employer offers us a flu vaccination each year at the start of October and I often get it (but some years I figure to let my own immune system fight the bugs). This year I did because there is that hysteria for Mexican flu where my boss is afraid off and we're starting on a big project and I figured he'd be really pissed off at me if I got the flu after I had refused the shot. So I got it....if I do get the flu anyway, it's not my fault.

Jan has already 2 days of flu symptoms, I still feel great...I hope it'll work.

Haley-O said...

I just don't know WHAT to read. I don't know WHAT to trust. I DO know that I totally trust my doctor -- which is why I chose him. And he says adamantly no.... So I don't know. I don't know...!

Pat said...

Well looks like its our turn. Boys are out of school `till monday.
I`ll go back to work tommorow.Tammy is the healthiest around here right now.
Mainly gonna catch up on lost sleep today. Probably gonna get the shot with Matt and Shaun once we all are better.