Friday, October 09, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Eighteen

Dear Nathan,

This week you turned 18months old. We did all of the 18 month "stuff". Doctor's appt's and immunizations. For your immunizations you didn't cry when you got the needle which was amazing. Even the nurse was so surprised That's never happen me before. But he was so fussy all night. When your immunizations were over you saw Grandma at work going to get one of her clients. You wanted to hug and play with her, but she was busy with work. So as her door closed to the back area, you went running upto in and banging on it trying to get her to come back out.

We started gymboree this year. Because you are the second child I haven't taken as many classes with you as I did with Lucas. We are changing that this year. Gymboree has been fun. We have also been doing lots of swimming too. The first couple of times at gymboree you a bit unsure, but you have warmed up to it quite a bit. I think your favorite part is the songs at the end. You enjoy the playing on the equipment before hand, but I think you miss copying your brother when it comes to the physical play.

Speaking of Lucas, you really really look up to him. You try to copy everything he does. Even though physically you can't do what he can do you always try. He'll swing off his bed, you try to swing off his bed. He does a dance move, you do a dance move. It is amazing how much you learn from him and how much you look up to him.

Sleep has not been going very well this month. We were hoping to get you back into sleep where you went all night and we could lay you in bed at night and walk away. But that didn't happen. You were teething or not feeling well, or I just didn't think it was the right time. So I have been up many times in the night and rubbing your back this month.

Things are getting better with the mommy love. You still are crazy about me, but don't cry when you go to the dayhome. Or when I leave you with Daddy or Grandma. It seems to be a better balance.

Well Baby, happy 18 months.
love mommy

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Lori said...

Wow, little're growing up so fast! I'm not surprised that your "I only want Mommy" stage had seemed to last for so long because you have such a fun Mommy that why wouldn't you want her all the time?! I'm glad that your Mommy love is easing a bit though because it gives Mommy a bit of a break and it's SOOOO fun for everyone else to get the opportunity to play and snuggle with you, too!

Love, Aunt Lori