Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This weekend I got an iphone. Just to clarify, I did not start the trend on iphone. I started the trend in my family for Macbooks, ipods, french dressing, going to Europe... anything else Dad? But following Darryl and Dad and Mom and Alexis I did get an iphone.

But I am already loving the phone. I was already was an e-mail-aholic before hand. But now I have them in my pocket. I am also loving the texting. I had sent maybe one text message before this weekend, but just this evening I sent Darryl 3 messages, asking him about groceries, while I was grocery shopping.

Plus all the apps are great. Kids games, facebook, twitter, weather, restaurant finders, card games and that's just the first weekend. For any of you out there who have an iphone what is your favorite app?

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

does it have a touch screen? I tried once in a store and didn't really like it a lot?

Darryl said...

There needs to be a name for iPhone addiction like the term Crackberry.

Any suggestions out there? I can't think of anything. :(

The thing I like most about Jenn having an iPhone is she keeps it charged and with her. Now when she's out and I need to contact her, it's a whole lot easier!

Darryl said...

Oh and Goofball ... I've owned a blackberry and now an iPhone. I wouldn't go back. 70,000 apps to choose from and essentially a very functional internet connected computer in your pocket is great!

It's useful in so many ways! I highly recommend it!

Alexis said...

Ummmmm excuse me, but I was the first one in our family to get an iPod!!! Get your facts straight!!! Geeez!!

Lesley said...

I think they're called 'app-addicts' based on the kazillion applications you can use.

Maybe I'll replace the Pinkberry with an iPhone...sounds way more fun!

abitofnothing said...

I am sooooo jealous! I got an iTouch for my birthday, and love it, especially all the Apps, but am limited to Wifi locations. I am dreaming of getting an iPhone so I can use it anytime, anywhere. sigh.