Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funny Boys

Today in the car the boys were reminded me of how I was with my sister and I'm sure how most siblings are together. Nathan would pretending to be hitting Lucas, of course they are too far away in the car to actually touch. This got a reaction from Lucas and even though it wasn't a good reaction, Nathan did it again. And again and again. Lucas continued to get more and more whiny and frustrated. Nathan then started to shake both his arms out to the side and shake his whole body. This continued to frustrated Lucas and then Nathan started to laugh. This all made me laugh, as I can remember my sister and I have the same fights in the back seats of our vanigan.

Also tonight, Nathan found a toy that wasn't working. He grabbed it and put it by the basement door. Then he came over and grabbed my hand and walked me to the basement door. I opened the door and put the toy on the stair. He got upset and grabbed my hand and started to walk down stairs. I grabbed the toy and we walked downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs I gave Nathan back the toy. He walked it over to the door to Daddy's office. He set down the toy( I guess I should specify that the toy is large) and opened the door. He came into Darryl's office found the screwdrivers and preceed to try and open the toy to put new batteries in it. He doesn't have the manual dexterity or strength to make it work, but I was still impressed. What a smart guy.

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Lori said...
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Lori said...

I loved this post! It took me back to the days when Darryl and I were school age and he used to like to poke at me when we were riding in the back seat. He never used to hurt me, he just liked to wind me up. All in all though...we got along pretty well.
Darryl...maybe the next time I come out we'll be able to teach the boys how to make popsicle stick roads. I'll bring a couple thousand popsicle sticks and we'll go to town!