Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Lucas is going through a climbing on everything stage. He swings on door, he jumps on furniture, he tries to do "skin the cats" off the counters. This also has turned into trying breakdance moves. These moves use to be called karate or ninja moves, but I think since he's been hanging out with this dancer, the moves are now called breakdance moves. Darryl was once a great breakdancer, so while we were playing upstairs tonight Darryl showed Lucas the "worm".

It made us all laugh. Then Lucas tried it as well, but he didn't do so well. He kind of wiggled across the floor. So Darryl asked Lucas if he was doing the worm. Lucas replied "It was an inchworm." Darryl and I laughed and laughed.

What a funny kid

Till Tomorrow


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Lesley said...

Can Darryl still do the worm? That's crazy!

Can't wait for the next dance off in the backyard - although with the cold weather we may just have to push the furniture to the walls :o)