Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oh it's been a long week. Lucas has been home sick for the whole week. It's started last Saturday night while we were at a friends house. All the sudden he was laying on the couch. Then on Sunday he had a low grade fever which has stuck around almost every day for the rest of the week. For the first couple of days it was just a fever. So by Thursday we took him to the doctor it see if there was something underlying he could see, but nothing major. The rest of the day he complained about his ear but that was just that one day. The hard part of it for me is what to do. He's enjoying laying on the couch watching TV, so I've taken away the TV so that staying home isn't fun. Yesterday he didn't go to school because he said he had trouble breathing, which "mysteriously" went away within 3 minutes of me saying "okay you can stay home". But he did develop a fever and headache again last night. Sometimes I feel like I'm being unfair, like yesterday when he didn't go to school I said he was not able to watch TV. Just lay on the couch and rest to get better. He said to me "It's not fair that you and Nathan get to wash the floor and I have to just lay here". I don't want to force him to go to school but it's hard to know how far to push it. As an adult you know there is a certain amount of sickness you can deal with while still going to work, but Lucas doesn't have that yet. Even today he's already said " I don't think I'll be well enough to go to school next week." He quite likes school so I don't think he's trying to avoid it. Hopefully this weekend he will start to feel better and we can get back to regular scheduled programming....

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Goofball said...

funny my sister told me this morning a similar story about her son (about same age as Lucas)....he had been ill but was now often having light complaints, suggestions to not go to school, ...and it's hard to know when it's true, how hard to push, how to respond correctly