Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear......

This weekend we started our Chinook. After being in a deep freeze for 10 days we came out of it and were able to enjoy being outside again. There was lots of tobogganing and playing with Emma (and cleaning up the poop soup). Today I even wore my spring jacket and people were out in shorts.

Even though we are all much happier because of getting our Vitamin D from the sunshine my favorite part of the weekend was our Happy Birthday song. It was my Dad's birthday and so I made his favorite meal, sausage spagetti with all the fixings. For dessert we had birthday pie (cherry) and lit some candles and sang Happy Birthday. My favorite part of the weekend was the part where we sing: Happy Birthday Dear... Pop/Dad/Teaser/George ... it sounded all discombobulated and like we were all singing a different song for a moment. But I loved that he is so well loved we all have a special name for him.

Till Tomorrow


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Ironic Mom said...

Isn't warm weather a gift? Hope you enjoyed the birthday!