Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nathan Monthly Newsletter: 33 Months

Dear Nathan,

As I write this you have spent the last half and hour talking to yourself in bed while I sat playing games. Your sleep continues to go through stages, for a week it's great then a week it's bad again. Last night you were up for 2 hours so we are in a bad stage.

Speaking of stages you are in the "why" stage. While I was reviewing 2010 one of our struggles one was your speech. At the beginning of the year we were worried about your lack of speech. It's amazing now how much you talk. Sometimes you never stop talking. You ask questions after questions after questions. You want to know where and why and how. Some of your consonances are still needing some work, but most people can understand most of what you say. Although it's still "Lutas" and Huddy Bear" and "Damma".

You love to dance and to sing. Whether it's requesting music in the car when we drive or learning the words to kids songs, like "Down By the Bay". Music continues to be a fun part of your life. Auntie Karen bought you a guitar sweatshirt for Christmas this year and it has become your favorite thing to wear. On the weekend I had to peel it off you get cleaned and then put it right back on as it came out of the dryer. You love that sweatshirt.

You loved Christmas. You were in the stage where it took hours upon hours to open presents because you wanted to play with the toys you got rather then going onto the next thing. And while Lucas's favorite part of Christmas was Jesus, yours was Santa Claus. You talked to the video he sent you.

You have some funny runs, like when you go pee on the potty or you are helping someone out. You do a little run out of the bathroom with lots of shoulder action and I know you are so proud of yourself. Or the other thing you do that makes me laugh is the way you say "sure" when I ask you to do something. Or if I ask you for a toy " Ummm sure" you'll say and it makes me smile.

Over Christmas time you and Lucas have been doing a lot of coloring. You have been getting so much better at it. You are spending more time concentrating on it and doing a much better job of staying in the lines. Also Lucas is enjoying drawing things on paper and you are following his lead. Your drawings rarely resemble what you are trying to draw, but it's good that you are trying.

It has been documented on the blog already, but I'm so proud of how you did with the potty training. Granted the first few days were very very hard. You made it to the potty 1/6 times. But at the end of the second day something seemed to click and we have been pretty good since then. You caught on to it quite quickly and I'm so glad we stuck to it through those couple of days of frustration. You are now a "big boy" and you love to tell anyone who will listen that you are a big boy.

Well Nathan, sleep well tonight, as I'm sure in the morning there will be 100 more questions from you and I'll try to answer them all.

love mommy

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Goofball said...

If both Nathan & Lucas are in a picture together they have clear different features

but when I don't see them together, I have a hard time telling if this is a recent Nathan picture or an old Lucas picture