Monday, January 24, 2011

Eat at Home Challenge: Februrary 2011 Edition

Hi Everyone,

Michelle mentioned on Facebook about a eat at home challenge, so I was wondering if we are all up for an Eat a Home Challenge for February? The rules are pretty simple.

1. You can only eat food and drink made from someone's home. This includes no Starbucks or Tim Hortons or no cafeteria food. If you have dinner at someone else's house that's fine.

A secondary part of it is the blog. It's a good support for everyone and sometimes can give you new ideas for dinners. And it's all of us taking real pictures of real food. If you are not already added as a contributor I'll be sure to add you can you can post pictures of your food and recipies.

This time it will be quite the challenge for me because I eat out more with work.

Also there is no real prize, other then the money you will save. =)

I'm in. Are you?

Till Tomorrow



Susan said...

I'm in

Lesley said...

The Beck family is in! The first time we did this I did better than the second time...I think I didn't meal plan at all and it showed. Looking forward to Round 3!

Melissa said...

The Piche's are in also! Well I should say I'm not, I can't speak for Vinnie and I can't police him like I wish I could;)

Tamara said...

Yes I am in.......and I look forward to see what everyone else eats...I need fresh ideas!!

Lori said...

I'm in but like last time, I can't hold Mackenzie to it because she usually eats lunch in the cafeteria with her friends at school.