Friday, August 28, 2009

Vegetable Garden

While we were away the vegetable garden exploded, so when we came home it was harvest time. I wanted to pickle the beets and we have zucchini coming out the yin yang. We have been eating the lettuce (and sharing it with anyone who wants it) all summer. The potatoes are also looking good. But rather then harvesting them all at once, we done some every couple of nights when we eat potatoes.
There are many reasons we grow vegetables, it's cheaper then buying them, I love to watch it grow, we know they have no pesticides, no gas is used to deliver the vegetables. But my number one reason for growing my own vegetables is the way they taste. They taste so damn good.

Till Tomorrow



beth - total mom haircut said...

We returned yesterday to a full garden as well. I think it was the difference between having enough for dinner instead of being forced to go back out to shop.

Am very jealous of your zucc though. I'm going ot have to do that next year...

Goofball said...

yesterday I walked in somebody else's vegetable garden and I really wanted to work in it. It seems so therapeutic and indeed so much fun to prepare your own vegetables.

Unfortunately it's not quite possible to do so in our tiny little city garden.

one day we hope to own a second rural small property and that's mainly to be outdoors and have a garden there!