Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kelowna 2009 Part One

I'm sure you could guess by the lack of blog posts, but last week we drove out to Kelowna. I was lucky enough to have Dad come with us and spend the first 4 days out here. The kids and I are so lucky to have grandparents who are so involved in their kids lives. I think Pop had a good time too. So for the last week we have been enjoying the heat of BC. I've been swimming almost everyday. Excpet for the day it rained. Auntie Karen also joined us out here for a couple of days, so Lucas and Nathan have had the treat of being not only with Oma and Opa, but having Pop and Auntie Karen here too. Here are some picture highlights.

Auntie Karen was helping Lucas learn to swim in the lake.

Nathan and I in the water. This

Nathan enjoying himself (or at least smiling for the camera)

Lucas, Pop and Nathan in the big hole in the sand.

Pop, Nathan and Lucas playing in the sand

Pop and Lucas having a water canon fight.

All of us at our favorite dog beach. The sand is good and the dog can be free

The ducks are pretty tame at the beach, they are use to being fed by the tourists.

Nathan LOVED the beach. Lucas wasn't feeling well so he got to chose when we would leave, which was always too early for Nathan.

A hilarious sign at the beach. No mooing (someone erased the r)

Not only have we been at the beach, but we've been playing with pill bugs.

And chasing bubbles.

And running around.

Hope you are all enjoying your last weeks of August as much as we are.

Till Tomorrow (or maybe next week)



Susan said...

Looks like you were all having lots of fun.

Goofball said...

It looks so relaxing and enjoyable. I'd totally want to be in kelowna at the beach right now!

You mentioned on my blog that I was fortunate that my parents took me to so many places. But you are taking your kids to places too! When I write about Spain, we mainly sat at the beachvolley as well :). We just happen to cross 3 countries because Europe consists of a lot of small countries.