Monday, August 24, 2009

Monthly Newsletter - Month Forty Eight

Dear Lucas,

A couple of weeks ago you turned 4 years old. We were having a grand old time in Kelowna when this happened. You were a bit confused about why all your friends didn't come to Kelowna and why there were no presents (they came before we went). But I was glad you enjoyed all of your many birthdays equally.

This last month you've spent the last 2 weeks being sick, which has been a challenge for all of us. You really didn't want to take your medicine. We were doing all kinds of tricks to get you to take it. I can see your stubborness coming out, just like your mother. You have also become much pickier when it comes to food. You use to eat EVERYTHING, but now most things we put infront of you, you don't like or want. Eventually you'll eat it, but not as enthusiastically as before.

You continued to enjoy the water this summer. While we were in Kelowna you worked on your floating and putting your head in the water. You start swimming lessons next week, so that you can continue that progress.

You and Nathan continue to have a love hate relationship with Nathan. Sometime you boys play together and wrestle and have fun. But sometimes his copying you drives you crazy. I think this relationship is what you guys will be like for years to come.

You are growing up. Really I can't believe you are 4. Next week you will be starting preschool. It seems old to me. When Mackenzie was here I really started to notice it as well. You didn't need me around as much. You were happy to play with her on your own. Although I love to see you be independant, it's bittersweet to me. It seems to be that now you are 4 the world expects you to be more independant. The world is ready for you to do things on your own. As for you, I'm not sure that you are ready, I'm not sure if I am ready. But here we are at the age of 4, the age of independence. But no matter how old and how independent you are my arms will always be open to come home to.

love mommy

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Goofball said...

he looks pretty independent :). I'm sure he's ready for kindergarten