Sunday, August 09, 2009

Crossing it Off My List

Today I completed one of the things that was on my life list. I have always enjoyed biking and swimming so thought I should compete in a triathalon. Mom and I have been training for the last couple of months and today was the day to do it. We had to show up before 7:30 to get our number written on our arms and legs and get a timing chip which you wear around your ankle. Then we had to sit around for hours waiting for the Olympic Women and the Olympic Men to start. I was amazing that there was a women there doing the Olympic distance who was in a wheelchair. So someone lifted her into and out of the water and she did it all with her arms!! Isn't that amazing. So after a long wait it was finally time... the men sprint went first and then the women's sprint. Mom and I hugged each other a ran into the water. We did have our own cheering section of Tammy and Shaun, Dad (in his "SHE WAS RIGHT", shirt) and Alexis and Darryl and the boys.

Mom and I happy to be doing it together (and to be starting)

143 women raced the sprint

Look at us all out there

The swim was harder then I thought it was going to be. I've probably done the most training for it, and I really like to swim but it was still a challenge. I did a fair bit of it on my back. When we got around the far buoy one woman yelled, " yeah we are half way done". Most people find the swim the hardest part. Even though I completed 750m in 23 minutes, it was still tough.

Then you get pulled out of the water and run to your bike. For real competitors every second counts, but for me, just wanting to finish, I kind of hobbled to the bike, not really ran. Put on my helmet (which is a rule, you have to have your helmet on and strapped up before you can get on your bike), dried my feet and put on my shoes. The bike part was not bad. There is a wicked hill they make you do, twice! So I got off my biked and walked up part of it. If nothing then to give my quads a bit of a break. One of the cool things I found was that riders cheered each other on. Even though it's a race everyone want's everyone to finish. The other thing I really remember about the biking was smiling. Throughout the whole race I smiled. When you spend so long preparing for something it is such a thrill to accomplish it. I was happy to be there and be doing it.

Good picture of the transition area where everyone's bikes are kept.

The sad part of the day was that Mom blew a tire on the bike ride, so she was unable to finish it. I felt so bad for her as she has worked just as hard for it. But we all know she would have completed it and that an equipment problem was what kept her from it. I couldn't be more proud of her and the guts and dedication it takes for a 50 year old women to do a triathalon. And I will be forever greatful that she was my training partner because I don't know if I would have done it alone. So thanks mom!

The last part was the run. I was certainly sore after getting off the bike and didn't think I would be running at all. But after a bit of walking to limber up my legs I walked one light standard and then ran the next set.

Crossing the finish line

Even though I am completely exhausted it was a really good experience. I completed it all in 2 hours and 13 minutes (although official times aren't up yet). I think I may even do it again next year.

Till Tomorrow



Kim said...

Yay!!!! You go girl. So thrilled you set a goal and did it! So proud of your mom too. I'm sure I'll run into her soon somewhere as our paths always cross, but let her know I think she's fantastic in the meantime!

Goofball said...

750m of surface swimming. Eek. I'd die.

And then some more sports? Eeek. I don't actually understand that this can still be fun ;)

congratulations on the achievement.

Allie said...

yay for you!! As I told you on Facebook - congrats and you are my hero! What a tremendous accomplishment and make sure you celebrate this to the fullest!

I have always wanted to do a triathalon but it is the biking that gets me - I am so not into a bike. I spend way too much time thinking about my sore butt .... :)

Lesley said...

Congratulations!!! I was thinking about you yesterday :o)
You and your mom should be very proud of yourselves!

Jenna said...

Congratulations! Looks and sounds like you had so much fun doing it, too. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...that's an awesome accomplishment to cross of your list! From the photos, it looks like you are having a blast!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You two are amazing women and an inspiration to many. Good job done.

Lynda (grammy)