Monday, August 10, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Sixteen

Dear Nathan,

This weekend you turned 16 months old. It has been a really eventful month for us as summers usually are. You spent most of it with Mackenzie your cousin and some of the time with Aunt Lori and Uncle Ian. You also spent time with your Auntie Lexie and Grandma and Pop too.

Although Kenzie was here for a whole month you never really took to her. I don't know if it was her black hair or if you are just going through your crazy mommy stage, but over the past month you have really wanted to be with me. There have been a couple of sweet times that you will go to Dad or Grandma or Pop. But really I am your preferred person. One night this month Grandma came over to see you. You were in the tub when she got here. She played with you for a bit in there and then we got you into your room. As soon as you got your towel off you crawled right over to her naked and all and hugged her for minutes and mintues. She rubbed your back and you almost fell asleep on her. It was beautiful, and pay back for all the love and time she gives you as well.

Speaking of love and time we do videoconference with Darryl's mom every week and she has taught you how to blow kisses. You are really good at it. Better then the regular open month kisses you give. You also had a great time with Lori and Ian too. With all the company here we have been doing lots of fun things, which is a great way to spend the summer, but a little hard on your schedule. You have done quite well though and are pretty adaptable.

One thing that does need improvement is your sleeping. You have been waking most nights and don't fall asleep without one of us in the room.

You continue to adore your brother and want to do whatever he does. We are driving to Kelowna tomorrow and for everything that Lucas has I'm sure that you have one too. Lucas got a new "computer" for his birthday, so I have an old Diego compter for you too. I downloaded a bunch of games for Lucas on the ipod touch. Pop download a bunch of games for you so you can play them as well.

You are also listening and understanding better. You are shaking your head more if you really mean no, rather then agreeing with every question we ask. Or I can ask you to go throw something in the garbage and you'll do it. I am looking forward to you talking more. You are still just using sylables to describe stuff, and it is coming along, but not as fast as I like.
Phycially you started walking at the beginning of this month. This has been GREAT! I love that I don't have to carry you anywhere. You are also trying to jump and love to dance. You can spin and walk backwards and clap your hands. It is awesome. Like I said you want to be just like Lucas, so if he climbs somewhere you want to climb it too.

I love you baby.

love mommy


Goofball said...

he looks such a happy kid.

Is Lori on the pictures? Is she Darryl's sister? They look like each other.

Allie said...

He is such a precious boy! I can't get over how much of Lucas I can see in him!