Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not a mommy trip..

I'm so excited. I'm going on a work trip to Quebec City. I can't wait to take pictures and eat sugar pie and speak french. I feel like it's started already. I'm packing and it's amazing how much I can pack for myself when I don't have to fit anyone else in the suitcase with me. I have 2 pairs of shoes, more shirts then days I will be there and my carry on has nothing kid related in it. My iphone has movies I want to watch, a book for me and my computer to do work I need to do.


Pictures to come soon.



Goofball said...

that's great. Enjoy it. I want to go to Quebec one of the next years.

Jenna said...

Have a great time! Sometimes it is so much fun to go away on your own and only worry about yourself...even if it is for work! :)