Sunday, May 09, 2010

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter

Dear Nathan,

Happy 25 month birthday baby. It has certainly been an eventful month (or atleast last week) for you. It's been interesting to have you at the hospital and to see other peoples reactions of you.

Last week you were sick, which is not totally uncommon for you, but over the night it got much worse. I had kicked Daddy out of bed and brought you into bed with me. When you woke up the morning you were having a lot of trouble breathing. To the point where all of your chest and neck muscles were working to have you breath. I knew this wasn't good and so I took you up to the Children's hospital. They were amazing there and got you in right away. The respiratory therapist asked us some questions and when they determined it was a bad case of croup, they got you the drugs to make it better. You were such an amazing patient. Even the nurse commented on it. She said she'd never seen a kid your age not fight having the mask on. And the doctor asked if you were always so laid back (which you are, as long as mommy is around)

You still love mom. Although you don't cry anymore when I leave you want to be with me all the time. The other day at the hospital I was going to leave to pay the parking and the nurse was going to stay with you. You were having none of that. Or the other night you woke up in the night and was calling out Daddy's name, when Daddy went in you were so upset and was calling for mom, mom again.

Your speech continues it's slow but steady pace. Your favorite word of late is "boo-yah". It makes all of us laugh which makes you say it even more. I think when Lucas gets excited about something it makes you just as excited. If Lucas laughs at something you do, you do it over and over again. You guys are still best buds, even though you can't say his name yet.

We've spent lots of time outside over this last month. The weather is getting better and so we are enjoying the fresh air and the snow. It's great because we both love being outside. You love riding your plasma car and playing in the dirt.

Today is Mother's day and I feel so lucky to be your mom. You are a sweet and wonderful boy.

love mommy


abitofnothing said...

Glad to hear that Nathan is feeling better. ABC mentioned he was in the hospital last week.

The last picture of him looking up at the snow is amazing. He has such a great expression on his face.

Goofball said...

oh gosh it must be so scary if one of the children is having difficulty to breath. I think it would upset me a lot.

Glad to hear that Nathan got treated well and is feeling better now!