Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Florida: First Couple of Days

We have had a super fun first couple of days here in sunny and hot florida. The first day we enjoyed ourselves by the pool, went to the Super Walmart (where the fresh food section is so small). We also went to a very cool restaurant called T-Rex. It is done by the same people who do the Rainforest Cafe, but it's done with dinosaurs rather then a rainforest. Here is a video Pop put together with the highlights.

The next couple of days we have spent at Disney. We are a family who loves Disney. We go there every couple of years and so we have our favourite things. Animal Kingdom we love the Safari Ride and this time we saw the Lion King show and the Nemo show, which were both outstanding. That's one thing I love about Disney, is that in one day you get a little bit of everything. Little bit of Broadway, little bit of circus, some rides, some animals, a car show. None of it is as big as the real thing, but it's cool how they can provide you with a little bit of everything. Later that evening we went back to Magic Kingdom, which the kids loved. They have a shoot 'em up ride there that both Nathan and Lucas thought was fantastic. They also have a go cart ride there which both boys could do and had fun at. The fireworks at Magic Kingdom were also really good, although the walk to get out was crazy.

Today we headed to Epcot and Darryl and I finally got to do Soarin'. The last couple of times we have been here we seemed to have missed it. Whether it was sick kids or busy doing other stuff. It was super fun, although I don't know if it was my favourite as I'm a bit scared of heights as it is.

I'll leave you with this as it is getting late and post part two in a couple of days. I'll also be sure to add pictures later.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

enjoy your vacation

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn:
That was a great video your dad did of the T-rex restaurant. Thanks for that. Have a great time on your vacation. Kiss the boys for me. Love Grammy