Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pure Joy

You know the sound of a kids laugh, that is a really genuine laugh

Or when you taste a really great glass of wine.

Or when you peak in at your kids and they are sleeping peacefully.

That feeling of pure joy.

We had that today when we took Emma to the off leash. We have not been to the off leash in over a year. And really it was not pure joy for me. It was lots of work. I packed Lucas's bike and a stroller for Nathan. Leashs, bags, balls, towels, snacks and drinks all packed up. We were off. We got there unpacked everything we just packed up. If Emma could smile at me she would have. There she was free, running and sniffing others dog butts. Running back and forth as though this was heaven for her. But the best part was coming up... the swimming. We usually go to this off leash because it borders the river. The moment she saw the water she went running for it. There she stood in the water watching and waiting for us to throw something for her. Once we did it was game over. Throw, run, swim and swim, shake and repeat. Nathan and Lucas has both dipped their feet in the glacier fed Bow River, threw rocks into the river, threw sticks for Emma and played with the sand/mud. Eventually we left. But on the way home I'm sure she wishes she could hug me.

I forgot about this pure joy for Emma.

Till Tomorrow



Alexis said...

ohhh little emmy-award-winner!! Give her a kiss for me!

Goofball said...