Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MiniVan Family

We recently acquired a new vehicle. We did lots of research for our "red licorice" and came up with a Honda Odyssey.
There are things I am missing about the CRV. Mostly it being a standard vehicle.

But "Red Licorice", has a great sound system and I do like that. The boys are loving it, but they mostly love that they can play in it. There is lots of space for them to move around (when the van is parked of course.). And Emma really loves that part as well. But I will miss that CRV, we had lots of adventures in it, but I'm looking forward to lots more in the van.

Till Tomorrow



Alexis said...

I like that you named you van already, and who took the pic of you driving? Was it Lucas?? He did a pretty good job! :) Can't wait to see you guys on friday!!

Goofball said...

getting a new car is always exciting. Jan is getting one any day now and he's quite thrilled!

Jenna said...

Oh, you make me miss our minivan. It was so perfect with the kids and they loved it...I'm going to get one again in a few years, I think. I love the name you gave it!