Monday, June 22, 2009

Monthly Newsletter - Month Forty Six

Dear Lucas,

Last week you had your monthly birthday. There have been a couple of really funny things that have been going on with you this last month.

You have been falling asleep in our bed. You have been quite fond of me and each night I tell you some funny made up story, usually it stars the kids at the day home. Mostly the girls, but some time your best friends. Then we talk about our favorite and least favorite parts. Sometimes you copy my favorite and least favorite parts. Most of the time your last favorite part is "doing this". Which you think is hilarious. THen I leave you and you most of the time go jump in my bed to fall asleep.

Your new favorite word is "actually". I'm not sure where you learned it, but you use it all the time. Especially when it comes to Nathan. Nathan will call something a dog, and you'll say "actually Nathan it's a horse". We'll be driving down the street and I'll point out a digger, you'll say "actually Mom it's an excavator". For the moment it continues to be funny, although I may be calling you a smart alec.

You and Nathan have not been getting along as much as I'd like. I often feel like I"m a referee between the two of you. You get upset with him alot and yell. It shows me that you have probably learned that from me, which make me disapointed in myself. But I am trying to teach you how to be more chill and more patient with your little brother.

I find you are growing and losing some of your fears. We went swimming this month and you are usually very cautious and not a fan of the water. But this time you were very excited about it. Or last year at Heritgage Park you wouldn't go on the ferris wheel, but this year you were the brave stoick one. Auntie Lexie also took you to a movie and we physched her up for all the bad things that could happen, but you were great through the whole thing.

Your smartness and funniness are coming through more and more. Whether it's writing letters or make live lists, you are a great funny kid. You are my kid, but I do really like you as a person as well. You make me laugh and you make me proud.

love mommy


Susan said...

Yeah he really is one special kid. I can't imagine my life without him in it. Thanks for another great newsletter and wonderful pictures.

Allie said...

How precious Lucas is. I so wish that we lived closer so we could have all of you in our lives as opposed to a cyber friendship just between moms. You are a great mom Jenn - truly and the proof is there when you look at your two precious angels.

Goofball said...

great pictures as always