Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lucas's Life List & Almost Walking

Lucas today was making a list of stuff he was going to do when he was 5.

pick up a turtle
like grapes (he doesn't really like them now)
play in a band
climb a tree
fly an two kinds of airplane
ride a cow

He was putting away blocks with different pictures on them. But it really made me laugh.

Nathan is also getting so close to walking. His favorite thing to do is grab my fingers and then reach around and grab my other hand with his hand and try to get us to walk. He is also taking a couple of steps on his own though, but not really walking yet.

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! I got up this morning and read all of the blogs that I read and I always save yours for last because it's my favourite. I'm so glad I always read yours last because that was the cutest thing ever! I can even picture him doing it!
That's great with Nathan...I know that once they're walking there's no turning back...but I know he'll enjoy being better able to keep up with his big brother!

Allie said...

Making a list already? What a focused, smart little man you have!!

Goofball said...

play in a band at 5 ? That's cool!!

and liking grapes if he doesn't like them now is quite ambitious and positive-minded!!!

what a fun list