Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Sad

Well I've spent most of the day reading, listening and watching to all the news about Steve leaving the Barenaked Ladies. I am not surprised but I am very sad about what has happened. When I say I'm not surprised, I certainly noticed something to be off on the cruise. Steven was late for shows, didn't participate in the banter as much and spent lots of obvious time with his girlfriend. I thing Steve has grown away from the band. And although I'm not happy about it and thought it was something they could get over. I'm not surprised that this is the outcome.

The sadness comes from never hearing those Steve songs anymore. Not hearing the back and forth banter from Steve "the man on my right" and Ed. I'm glad we heard Break Your Heart on the cruise and Asleep at the Wheel.

I have hope though, hope that the foursome will be great. Hope they will make great music and their stage show will be great. Even on the cruise there was alot more interaction with the "backies". Plus Kevin did a lot on the Snacktime album and that is one of my favs. So yeah... hope that it will still be good.

I'm still having trouble getting on side with the Steve music. I still feel kind of mad at him. Mad for growing away from the band. Grow, do stuff, but don't leave. I don't think he'll find the chemistry that he has with Ed anywhere else. But I think in a while I'll probably be able to get on side with it. Just not right now, still disapointed with him.

Till Tomorrow, and a wonderful happy post with lots of pictures. I promise


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