Sunday, February 15, 2009

All for a Lizards Eye

Lucas/Darryl has this little lizard that I gave to Darryl years and years ago. It is purple and filled with some sort of small beans. Lucas has quite taken it to it (this week). He seems to pick a new favorite stuffed toy every week. So he took it to Lesley's house on Wednesday and one of his little black eyes fell off (they were kind of precariously sewn on). Luckily they found the eye and the lizard came home in a plastic bag with his eye. The next day Lucas asked for the lizard to sleep with, so before I was suppose to go stamping I thought I would glue the eye back on. I have a hot glue gun in the "junk" drawer but when I opened the junk drawer I saw the krazy glue and thought it would be even easier.

So I took the crazy glue out and put the bead between my fingers and squirted a little bit of glue on it. But I couldn't really see the glue. I expected it to be like hot glue and be quite thick, but it's not. It's really runny, so I squirted more because I couldn't see it. Next thing I knew I really felt it between my fingers, I guess I had squirted a whole bunch on my fingers. Then I tried to get my fingers apart, but they were really stuck together.

So I called Darryl, and rather then laughing (which I expected he would have done) he went to find how to get them apart. So if any of you stick your fingers together with crazy glue, the trick to get them apart is nail polish remover (or anything that has acetone.). So after 20 minutes of soaking them in nail polish remover, they came apart (although the bead/eye was still stuck to them). While we are waiting for them to come apart, Darryl says to me:

Don't you remember when I used crazy glue, I put gloves on.
Jenn: yeah, but I thought you were being kind of ridiculous.

In the end Lesley's goo gone got the bead off and I have not tried to get the eye back on. He is now a one eyed lizard.

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

Oh,'re so funny! Our Dad was always over the top in his role as Mr. Safety but you can be confident with Darryl that if he's using gloves...he's got a justified reason. He's a very smart fellow...knows weird, wonderful and crazy tidbits of information that the average human would never learn in a lifetime.
Glad you got them unstuck in the process you've educated the internet world on the virtues of acetone when using strong glue!
Now, I guess you can sew it back on instead?

Anonymous said...

glad you got unstuck LOL

bless Darryl


Goofball said...

I'd panic if my fingers are glued together! Oh my gosh, glue can be scary. How good from Darryl to calmly look up the solution.