Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monthly Newsletter Month- Forty Two

Dear Lucas,

This week you turned forty two months old. It has been a month of great highs but also great lows. You are becoming more and more fun, but you are also testing a lot. It almost like the terrible threes are coming out.

I came home from the cruise and loved hearing your voice. While away I really remember what you looked like, but forgot about the sound of that sweet voice. Ever since coming home I have been playing music I heard on the cruise non stop. I'm amazed at how quickly you pick up on the songs. There is a Great Big Sea song and you picked up on the chorus so fast.

You continue to get so smart. You want to know what all words mean. You also love counting. You count everything. You can count up to twenty now, although not really past that.

Your favrotie movie of late has been Mamma Mia. We watch it probably once a week. You know most of the songs from it (we also have the soundtrack). Anyone who asks you about it, you are always sure to tell them you like it becuase it has no scary parts. I even bought you the Madagascar movie but you'll only watch it to a certain point and then it get scary.

Your relationship with Nathan also has it's ups and downs. You love to make him laugh and do it often. But you also make him mad when he is doing something you don't want him too. You guys often put your heads together like you are two bulls fighting. For the moment, you win everytime you are stronger. Then he crys and you apologize.

You are also starting to learn how to use a computer (really just the mouse). But you love to watch Daddy play racing games downstairs. With my computer we go to websites and you play games on those websites. Mostly it is just clicking on something. But it's a good skill for you to start to learn. Plus all the games you play on it are very educational. Speaking of games, on of your favorite things to do is mazes. You love to do mazes. I bought a book at Costco of mazes and I can't believe how good you are at it. I don't know if that means anything for the future, but you are a maze champion.

You are also getting better at playing board games. Which thrills me to no end, because I love playing games. Sometimes we follow all the rules and sometimes we make up our own. We have one game where we put monkeys on a bed and then push a button waiting for them to jump off. Really that is the funest part of the game, so we often just play that part of it.

Well Lucas I do hope things improve for us. It has been a challenging month with your rollercoaster moods. But i'm hoping it is just you testing the boundaries and that you will realize they don't change if you say please 17 times before the thing you want but I won't let you have. Or that crying hysterically won't make me change my mind.

i love you, and I always will


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Jenna said...

Aw, Jenn...he looks like a little boy now! I can't believe how fast they grow up. We have the monkeys on the bed game, too...Love it!