Monday, February 23, 2009


Both children are sleeping and I have a moment to myself with some tea and a moment to write.

I don't know what has been going on with Lucas but we are having such a hard time with him. I was hoping to teach him that when he is good he gets rewarded so we went to the toy store and got him a toy. Then today we went to the grocery store and he expected to get a toy. The problem with him lately is that when he gets upset about something he get over the top crying can't catch his breath upset. As we were leaving the store he tried to jump out of the top of the cart and it pushed me over the edge.

This parenting thing is so hard. I completely understand how parents can lose it and spank there kids. I didn't hit him, but I was looking for anything to snap him out of his crazy crying.

This getting upset and not being able to control his emotions has become a daily thing. I just don't know how to teach him how to express what he wants without getting so upset. Or how to teach him to do what we ask and if we work together rather then always trying to go against us his life will be easier. I need to get better at this. I need to find a way to deal with this stage.

Is this a normal thing for a 3 year old? How do you teach your kids how to deal with there emotions?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, this is Ann from Ontario (friend of Lori and Lynda)..really enjoy your blogs and wanted to respond to the most recent on Lucas and his difficulties just now - when I was studying child psych/develpment, a huge emphasis was placed on just such behaviour at this age: particularly in very bright children, this stage of development creates major conflict within - child is almost "overloaded" knowing what he wants but the ability to express it calmly and logically, is still underdeveloped - end result: utter frustration on all sides!!! The only option till it works through, seems to be processing through each event, and if the screaming etc. becomes overwhelming, to place in a "quiet" spot until he calms down, of course explaining the action. Hope this might help.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

i agree with Anne
and just wanted to tell what a great mom u r Jenn


Jenna said...

It's normal on my end. I also agree with what Ann says. Since I now have a three year old and a four year old, I'm dealing with a double dose somewhat. I can say that, with my girls, 4 has been much more challenging and the unreasonable items are such small things that will cause an awful lot of crying (we are not going to watch a movie right now. Endless crying). When it gets tough like that I send her to her room and let her cry then explain why, though it sometimes doesn't help. It doesn't happen much in public, but we typically try the same tactic in taking one of them out to the car for a while to calm down. I haven't quite figured out a resolution that can quickly stop the crying, but I do the distraction tactic a lot to try to get them to focus on something else.

Jamie said...

I have no advice, unfortunately, because we are having our hardest stage yet and I'm totally losing my mind.
But for what it's worth, you aren't alone... hang in there and follow your instincts, things are bound to improve. Right???

Goofball said...

Isn't that part of the age indeed? not sure. Remaining firm and consistent would seem important to me but I'm sure you do so.

Allie said...

Sorry - I shouldn't giggle but I did. I understand and I think that every parent out there can identify.

If it helps, I do think it is a stage and something that Lucas will eventually work through as long as you remain consistent with the discipline reactions. It worked for Kaelen (who went through it at three) but it is still to be determined if it will work on Masyn who is pulling diva stunts at 2. There are days that I just want to pretend she is not mine when she decides to vent in the middle of a store by lying down in the middle of the aisle and crying.

Those moments when they aren't so fresh actually become very humorous .....