Monday, April 07, 2014

To Nathan's on His 6th Birthday

Dear Nathan,

We've had a great couple of days celebrating your birthday, really we've had a pretty great year with you.  You are a pretty easy going kid who will be okay in most any situation.  Your favourite time is to be at home with your family, and sometimes you get sad when that is what you really want to do, but other then that you are a happy kid.  You will eat pretty much anything, although are in that stage where you 'don't like' a food, rather then saying 'don't want' a food. 

 You have a lots of big changes this year but have adapted to them all pretty well.  You graduated from preschool and Lesley, started kindergarten and gone to two new day homes. 

You started kindergarten this year and it is one of your favourite things.  There you have come out of your shell and made friends with most of the kids and you love your teacher too.   You are speaking french more often and will ask Lucas or I to translate words for you.  You are also working on your the sounds your letters make and putting those sounds into words. 

You and Cameron

You and your idol


 Lucas continues to be your best friend.  You spend most of your time playing with him and even to your kid birthday party, a couple of the kids are Lucas's friends who you like to play with too.  Although the majority of them are yours.  It has been interesting to see you start school and develop new friends and new 'people' because of that.  Most of your interests are still similar to Lucas's as well, you both love video games, playing outside, karate, swimming and skiing.  But slowly we are starting to see you become your own person. 

Walking with Oma

You are such a sweet, wonderful kind boy.  You are super affectionate and love to snuggle.  We lay in bed together and snuggle lots and you still love to sit on my lap.  You give your love freely, telling people all the time how much you love them.  You continue to have great facial expressions and say really funny things.

I feel very lucky to have you as part of my life everyday.  You add so much joy and love to it.  I love you bub, bub.

love mom

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