Thursday, April 10, 2014

March Round Up

As I blog Nathan's yearly news letter I realize I've fallen off this blogging wagon, I mean of course I have fallen off, that's not the realization, but the realization is my rope is getting thinner and thinner.  And I don't want it to, so I'm working to rebuild this rope.... 

Anyway here is March's roundup....

March was a good month, atleast it always ends well because of March Break!!  It's always nice to have a week where we can sleep in and not get ready for school and run around.  We do some fun stuff, like ski or go to the pool. But alot of it is just 'chillin'. 
 We also had our annual St. Patricks Day dinner, which someone bought a special green hat for!  And since we all know green is not his favourite colour I know this was a stretch for him. 

 We also got some big doses of cuteness in March.  First my sister got a new puppy who is so so cute.  Here she is playing with Lucas.  She is doing a really good job for my sister, learning what things to chew, where to go pee and how to play properly.  Luckily my mom is also very helpful with the dog too. 

 Our second dose of cuteness was going to visit our friends who just have twins.  Aren't these babies just the cutest!! And there is two of them!   Lucas loved the babies.  They also have a toddler who Nathan had lots of fun with, but Lucas just loved those babies. 

March break was also great for spending lots of time with our best friend family.  It's amazing how well all our boys get along.  Whether it was in the pool or at the ski hill or at one of our houses there is always lots to talk about and lots of fun to be had. 

Hopefully these pictures will be some of the last with all the SNOW!!..  It has been a pretty long winter, with not as many chinooks as we are use to.  Maybe that means we will have stunning growing season, but I am looking forward to wearing less hats and scarves and mitts. 


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