Friday, March 07, 2014

My new favourite things

Since the start of this year I have been doing some new workouts that I have really been enjoying.  I don't know if its the nature of getting older or that the kids are more independant but I've been lucky to have time to do more classes.  The class are really great in the freezing winter (which we've had a very long one this year) as it's causes me to get out and the one activity, hot yoga, I love to do when it's freezing cold.

The first new workout has been Zumba.  For those of you who have never been I describe it as a dance class.  I read it was a Latin dance class, but I feel like we do more variety then just latin, theres Bollywood and Hip Hop in there too.  If you like to think when you are working out this is totally for you. Auntie Karen emailed at the start of the year saying she was going to take it and that encouraged me to do it as well.  It's really fun and although it took 2-3 weeks to really get the moves down I don't mind making a fool of myself until then.   The other nice part is its really close to me, so I can go for just the hour and be back home and haven't missed too much of the evening with the family. 

Next has been hot yoga.  Which has been so welcome with all the really cold weather we have been having.  I love the sweating and how you get so hot when it's so cold out.  I've found a great studio Soul Hot Yoga here is Calgary.  Mom took me to my first class as she really enjoys yoga too.  The have the "fast" classes which are the flow.  I am amazed at what some people can do.  Although I can't do all the different poses I am really enjoying the heat and watching my body get better and better at the poses.  The first couple of times my shoulders were so so sore after from all the downward dog, but now I can hold it and almost put my heels flat.   Darryl even asked last night if yoga was the new tea... which is saying something. 

What about you any new activities this 2014? Have you ever done zumba or hot yoga?  What did you think?


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