Sunday, September 01, 2013

Summertime 2013

Even though my job is really crazy sometimes and often keeps me thinking and working at times when I should not be, it has some great perks.  And one of those is the vacation time.  Which means I have the majority of the summer off to hang out with my boys.  I love the days of summer, staying up and sleeping in.  Not having a plan or structure.  And while I'm happy to have structure for 10 months of the year, I do love having the two months of very little structure.

This summer has been filled with many of the same things other summers are filled with:

Stampede parade and Stampede Parties,

Kelowna both with Darryl and Auntie Karen

and then again with our best friends,

And Lucas's birthday celebration

And gardening

And Calgary Folk Fest to see Alabama Shakes.

We also found some new traditions like Okotoks Dawgs baseball games and family baseball games

And road trips by the Coulee Dam and to Sand Point 

 And going to the fun restaurants and eating poutine.

All in all it was a lovely, relaxing summer.



Susan said...

And golfing on Tuesday nights

Lori Campbell said...

Grrrrrrrreat pictures!! Isn't it mind-blowing how fast the summer goes by? We had grand plans of going to the beach on an almost weekly basis. We only made it there twice but we did also get to spend lots of time with friends and family so that's always a delight.

Hope the school year is off to a good start!


Goofball said...

glad for all Calgarians that the Stamped could go through after the flood stress!

I'm always so jealous for your Okanogan pictures, they look like such laid back relax sunny fun vacations at the lake!

Lucas seems to grow up so fast, especially now with his hair a bit longer!