Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To Lucas on his 8th birthday

Dear Lucas,

Well our action packed weekend of celebrating your birthday has come to a close.  As I sit here still trying to cool off from the super fun baseball game I thought I would start the draft of your yearly newsletter.  It's always interesting to reflect back on the year you have had and how much you've grown.  I can see that most of your personality is pretty set, but also that certain things do change as you grow and have new experiences.


One of the things that stands out in my mind was gymnastics camp this year.  This has become a fun yearly tradition for you and your best friend Elliot.  This year Nathan was able to attend as well.  While Nathan has always said he wanted to go, turns out he really didn't and was quite sad being away from his family with people he didn't really know.  So on Thursday we made a plan for Dad to come and meet him for lunch, which you knew about the plan as well.  Of course things did not go according to plan and I had to come and tell you about it.  You gave a quick shrug and said "okay".  Where a year ago if things didn't go according to plan that would have been a challenge for you.  So I can see you becoming more independent.  Even earlier this year when I messed up the flights from California I could see you standing in the airport with a look of worry "are we going to have to stay here for a month".  You didn't cry or get upset and you saw your Dad and I deal with it. 


You continue to be a kid who loves and excels at sports.  You started karate a couple of months ago and are already on your third belt, partly because you skipped a level.   You also did a great job with swimming this year and doing flips and 360s in the pool.  Your skiing also improved too and you got to making controlled turns rather then little quick ones that slowed you down just a bit.

You still love reading and have done well advancing through books.  When we went to Kelowna this summer we packed 3 magic tree house books and it took you 40 minutes to read one.  So you went through those books really quickly.  You have also started reading longer books so that you can get a bit more involved then the quick reads.   You also continue to grow physically.  You eat a lot more food now.  This is the first year you've graduated from kids meals at restaurants to adult meals.  And I can't split a hamburger between you and Nathan you'll eat the whole thing.  And while you are still fairly picky about food you are slowly expanding your horizons.  But I know you need to eat frequently or you start to get shaky.  It's something you are learning about yourself too.  You need to eat often.

 You continue to be a kind person.  Helping people who need it.  You are the oldest so tend to be a leader, but in a quiet kind of way (except with your brother).   Grade two was really good for you.  You started with a great teacher, and although she was off for the majority of the year you adjusted to the new teacher really well too.  Henry continues to be your closest friend at school, but you also made some new ones too which meant lots of playdates. 


 You are an amazing kid Lucas and Dad and I are lucky to have you in our lives.  Being the oldest you teach us so much, about parenting and ourselves, about you and about life.  You make me proud on a daily basis.  The way you treat other people, what you know and what you do with what you know is fantastic.   Happy 8th birthday Lucas.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings for you. 

love mom


Susan said...

Yeah, he's a great kid. Growing up so fast.

Goofball said...

happy birthday Lucas!!

Anonymous said...

I needed my Kleenex to read this blog entry. Happy Birthday Lucas. Great pictures, thank you.
Love from Grammy and Grandad