Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leadership club

Lucas came home the other day with a letter from the principal, congratulating Lucas and his parents that Lucas was selected for Leadership Club.   There are 1 or 2 students chosen from each class by their teachers.  The criteria is: a student who takes initiative, is a natural leader, creative and artistic, make announcements, has a fair to above average reading level and a student who wants to makes a difference. 

Lucas was very proud of himself, and Darryl and I were so proud of him.  I remember nights sitting in his room after he had been upset or crying.  Or days when he was having anxiety attacks at school.  We taught him many breathing technques and questioned taking him to a counsellor to see if they could help him work through it.  Thinking and wondering if we were doing the right thing for him.  I could have so quickly made the decision to change him back to english school to make it all better for him.  That's a hard thing about parenting is you as the parent make these decisions for your kids, thinking and hoping it's the right one.  And sometimes it's really hard for the kid and you know it's you who is inflicting this pain on them.  But you stick with it because you think it is the right decision.  Lucas has been really good with school for quite some time now, but I never knew how choosing french immersion and the challenges he had in grade one would effect him in the long term.  Would he always suffer from anxiety? All those times I've taken him on adventures and they have made him nervous would he never want to go on adventures as he grew up?  What kind of effect did the decisions I made for him effect him in the long run?

But seeing that letter in his backpack, made me feel better.  He's a quiet kid, but starting to show leadership qualities.  He is starting to participate more and tell his own stories.  Those hard times have made him stronger, not weaker.   We are doing okay at guiding his path. 

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Goofball said...

Parenthood is not easy ...I guess I'll find out that myself in the future. Glad Lucas is doing fine!