Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Canada Day

Yesterday for Canada Day we went to an Okotoks Dawgs baseball games.  They are a minor league team in Okotoks, which is quite close to where we live.  We were looking for some fireworks and Darryl didn't want to go downtown.  So we found in Okotoks they were having some after the baseball game there.  So for 5$/adult we headed to the game and sat on the grass.  It was a good game too, which Lucas quite enjoyed.  Nathan was kind of in and out with it, but probably because he was a bit younger.  At the end of the game they let all the "little leaguers" run the bases, which the kids loved.  I thought they would do it once and run back, but they probably did it 5 times.  =)  Then all the player were out signing baseballs, giving high fives etc.  We hadn't brought a ball with us, but Lucas wanted to give them a high five (which made me proud, Lucas is usually our shy kid).  In the end one of the players gave him a ball, which made him very happy. 

Then came the fireworks.  I really love fireworks.  While they weren't as spectacular as Disneyland, or probably even the ones in Calgary we were quite close to them.  In the background they were playing some country music and Nathan who was "oohing and ahhing" over the fireworks leans over and says " I hope they play some fireworks music".  So I asked, "what is fireworks music".  He says " Baby you're a firework" (of course the song by Katie Perry.  Of course moments later they played the song and he was even more excited. 

Happy Canada Day everyone!


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