Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jenn's Favorite Parts of Canada

I just finished reading this article about Chris Hadfields favorite parts of Canada.  It inspired me to make my own list of favorite places in Canada as well.  I have been to almost every province (Not Newfoundland or no territories) And while I certainly have never been to all places here are some of my favorite.

1. Okanagan: Of course this ranks as one of my tops places.  You have beautiful lakes and mountains.  You have delicious food and wine.  I'm lucky that I get to go here every year and enjoy all that it has to offer. 

2. Rocky Mountains: I love living so close to the mountains.  They provide us with so much entertain and activity.  They are huge and beautiful and the air is clean and the you are humbled to be in their presense.

3. Toronto: I have lots of good memories as a kid of the fun things to do in Toronto.  While it is a big city and I don't know that I'd want to live there I do love to visit.  I'm hoping to go back next summer and take the kids to the CN Tower and Skydome to see a Jays game.  Also to Ontario place and some of the cool museums there. 

4. Quebec City:  I was here a couple of years ago and really enjoyed old town.  It was as close to Europe as I have been in Canada.  Plus I love french food and french people. 

5. St. John New Brunswick: When my sister and I were about 12 and 15 my mom and grandmother took us on a road trip to the East Coast.  While we had some.... crazy adventures and met alot of my grandmothers interesting relatives, it was a great trip to see parts of Canada I never had before.  We saw Gaspe, New Brunswick and PEI.  I think my most of my favorite memories were whale watching and staying in a nice hotel in New Brunswick. 

Of course I also have a list of the places I still would like to go to as well

1. Montreal: I have been there before on a school trip, but would like to go back and take my french boys with me. 

2. Tofino BC: See the tide pools, kayak on the pacific ocean

3. Halifax: Heard many great things about it and love and ocean and water.

4. St. John's Newfoundland:  People from Newfoundland are some of the nicest people I know.  Plus there music I love.  I would love to go there. 

What about you what's your favorite place (s) in Canada?



Goofball said...

oooh nice list, should make my own (even though I've only been in part of Canada of course)

Anonymous said...

Great list Jenn! I have great memories of going to the ROM in Toronto, my grandparents took me there so many times. Such a cool museum.