Saturday, June 01, 2013

May Round Up

May is a wonderful month, it's the month of my wedding anniversary and it's the month you can start gardening again.  The sun shines a lot (although the rain has come down alot too.) and we are all outside before dinner after dinner and sometimes even during dinner.  =) All of the kids come outside and there are lots of friends for the kids to play with, which is usually a good thing.  Although Nathan had to have a time out for trying to kid another kid, and he hasn't had a timeout in years. 

You can also see I've added my twitter timeline to the side.  Sometimes I posted pictures or other things on there that I don't post on facebook, so for those of you who don't tweet I thought you might enjoy having access to it.  

Here are some picture highlights from May
Darryl and I went to Teatro for our dinner.  It was good and very well presented.  I don't know it was so good that I'll be running back, but it was good to go once. 

 Darryl took a day off to go with Lucas to the zoo on his field trip.  When Darryl and I first got married, I was the one who really wanted kids.  Darryl said he would be fine either way.  But now when I see him as a dad I can't imagine him not fufilling that role in his life.  He is such an incredible dad.  Plus he has two boys who love to do the same things he does.  Video games, they are all about it.  Rollerblading and doing sports, let them all play along.  It's great how they are coming into the age that they are little built in friends.  People who we love to do stuff with.

 Here was some blurry pictures of Lucas spring concert.  Like his mom he is a singer.  So is happy to be in choir (and run club, also like his mom).  The concert was quite good all about the ocean and a shark who wants to be friends with fish.
 At Nathan's preschool they had a mothers day tea, where all the mom's came an the kids brought them a drink and cookies.  They also sang us funny songs.  Preschool has been great for Nathan.  He's at the age where you can see how much he learns there week to week.  He knows upper and lowercase letters.  He also knows the sounds of all the letters and is learning how to spell. 

 On Mothers day I had a lovely breakfast in bed and then got to do some shopping.  For dinner Darryl made us all steak dinner.  For mothers day it was my turn to pick the activity so I got a badminton set and we all played badminton together.  It was alot of fun. 
 Here is master smore maker Darryl!
 Here is the back privacy garden with lots of tulips.  The tulips have almost all died back now but the rest of the garden has exploded. 
 Darryl and I also got to go to the Mumford and Sons concert, which was incredible.  Those guys are all incredibly talented. 
 Lucas has been going karate since the start of the year and really enjoys it.  Now that Nathan is 5 he can be in the same class till Lucas turns 8, so for the next couple of months they get to enjoy each others company and be each others partners.  Which of course makes my heart shine.  Nice when they are each other best friends. 
Last weekend it was Nathan's week to pick the family activity.  I sent out this picture with the classic tag line "Guess where we are in its not Spokane".  This tagline started almost a year ago when Tammy and I were in Spokane and Mom and Dad were in Hawaii.  Tammy and I sent our picture "guess where we are"  The next day dad sent one titled "guess where we are and it's not Spokane".  Who knows why, but it stuck.  Now all picture emails in different places you want people to guess are titled the same  "Guess where we are and it's not Spokane"  So yeah, we went bowling.  It's one of Nathan's favorite activities. 

How was your May?  Included lots of gardening?


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your grass looks dry, ...had already a lot of nice dry weather?