Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Book 6: The promise of Stardust

While in California I finished up the book I was reading and needed a new one for the plane ride home.  Remember that story....

At the time Canada didn't have Target, so we headed to Target to get the boys some "Shaun White" brand clothing and check out the book section.  I found this book and it was signed by the author so I went for it. 
The premise of the book is that Elle falls and has a brain injury, she is married to Matt and there is nothing they can do for her.  They are about to take her off life support when they find out she is pregnant.  Matt and Elle always wanted a baby.  Then there is a court case about keeping Elle alive to save the baby.  The story is medical which I enjoy and ethical which I also enjoy.  But most importantly it doesn't bore you with medical, legal and ethical issues.  It is mostly a story about two people and how they feel in love and their lives together.  It does make you think about what you would do in Matt's situation. 

It was a good read and Lesley loved it too!

Keeping up well with the new years resolution.  Book 6 in 6 months.


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