Monday, April 01, 2013

March Break Week

This was a nice low key March Break with a couple of exciting things but lots of staying home and playing outside too.  One of the interesting lessons I learned from reading the "money" blog I read, the Simple Dollar is to not spend money on big activies each day when on vacation.  For each vacation there are a couple of key things you probably remember but most of us don't remember it all if it's jam packed with activites.  So I tried to implement that this week.  This can be a bit of a challnege for me as I'm someone who likes to be on the run.  For me to stay home for a whole day is a shocker.  Two days, might almost kill me.  Even if it's just for a walk, but I like to be out and about.  I'm not a homebody.  But both of my kids really enjoy being at home, so I'm learning.    And it started with these 10 days.  So we chose a couple of big (and fairly affordable) things.

We spent a day at the zoo (where we have passes), where the highlight was the penguin walk.  As some of you may know last year Calgary got a new penguin exhibit and 3 times a week they take the penguins out for a walk.  It's very cute to see the penguins waddle along.  I highly recommend going on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday that it takes place.

The second big thing we did was to go see a movie on a Tuesday night no less.  We ate lots of popcorn and enjoyed the amazing animals and good story of the Croods.

Today we went to the ski hill.  It's probably our last time this winter, but I was sad to be leaving.  It's been a great activity this winter, especially to do with all of our extended family too.

The rest of the days were spent playing MineCraft, playing outside with friends, riding bikes, going to the library, riding bikes with friends, sleeping in, eating waffles, going to the park, walking the dog, coloring, reading and other cost effective and stay at home things. =)  Luckily the weather really worked out for us and so we did get to spend a lot of time outside. 

It was a lovely week off, maybe not as lovely as going to an all inclusvie for a week, but a really good week at home, with great weather. Till Next Time Jenn

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Goofball said...

Jan and I can't stay home a full day either...although I can very well spend most of the day at home on the sofa, relaxing, procrastinating...but then all of a sudden I need a fresh nose and be outside at least for an hour, grocery shopping or walking or going to see a friend shortly. But I really don't like to be on the run all day either.