Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Round Up

The highlight of April was Nathan's turning 5(!!!), but other then that it was pretty standard, working, playing, sleeping, karate, volunteering in the kids classes, playing outside, making new foods, snuggling, playing video games, big family dinners, small family dinners, watching movies, shopping all the great fun things in life...
 Last weekend we collected together the whole posse and played a fun game of baseball.  The wind was blowing A LOT so I thought we would be done in 10 minutes, but we stayed out for two and a half hours because everyone was having such a great time. 
There was also snuggling.  I think it's one of those realizations that as the kids are growing up that those times will not last forever.   When they are young it's so much work to put them to bed, so once they are there it's great to have some time to yourself, but now it's easy so it's nice to enjoy more time with them.
Here are the boys both learning from Darryl.  They love there Dad so much.  They both really love spending time with him and doing a lot of the activities that he enjoys.  This week they have been using his old tools to take apart our old vacuum cleaner. 
Spring cleaning was in full swing this week.  I went through Nathan's clothes and took a lot to Value Village.  And I also cleaned out the pantry and gave food to the food bank. One thing I found that I think we moved into this house was a big box of cannelloni.  We enjoy pasta here so I thought I would make it.  Man, I quickly learned again why that box has been sitting there for years, it's a lot of work to make it.  Filling all those tubes and in the end it tasted like lasagna, which is much easier to make. 

Hope everyone else had a fun month too, whether it was filled with adventures or the joys of daily life. 

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Goofball said...

oh but that canneloni does look delicious, you make me hungry!

Wow Nathan 5 years already, I remember you being pregnant. Makes me realise how long I've been reading your blog. Glad you are still writing and glad I still have the privilege to read along and get to know a little bit your family.