Sunday, April 07, 2013

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter

Dear Nathan, This weekend we spent most of it celebrating your birthday and I can't believe you are 5. You are such a awesome kid so I was happy to spend so much time celebrating you.  Including having your yes day, for your birthday we got to do whatever you wanted.  You chose to play Mind Craft with your dad and go to McDonalds for dinner.

Being the second child is an interesting thing. You grow up quicker because of having Lucas around so you knew about Star Wars and Ninjago and Phineas and Ferb quite early. But also with physical activities you do them sooner, skiing is a good example of that.  We taught Lucas to ski when he was 5 1/2. It was a really good age for him to learn, but since it was an activity that we all wanted to do together we taught you this year, even though you are only 4, but then we could all be together.  It took you longer to learn, but mostly because you were younger.  But now you off the bunny hill and on the bronze chair.  Also this weekend for your family birthday party you suggested we all sing Happy Birthday to you in french.  You know that next year you will be going to french immersion like Lucas and so you have been speaking more of it.  

You are a cute and funny kid.  You love to say "holy" when I tell you something surprising.  You make me laugh a lot and you are learning the difference of people laughing with you and people laughing at you.  You really don't like it when you feel like we are laughing at you, but I try to get you laughing along so we are all laughing together. 

This year you participated in gymnastics again which you really enjoy.  You are very good with teachers and paying attention.  The other day we were waiting for preschool to start and you were telling me what great patience you have.  And that you are also a very good listener at school.   You have also done really well in preschool.  You know and can write your entire alphabet.  You also know all the sounds that the letters make too.  At the same time you still have some really cute things you don't pronounce correctly like "Tim Portons". 

You love your family.  You and Lucas play really well together.    You love to spend time with me or daddy too.  You enjoy your friends and sometimes have play dates with them. But you love you "mommy and Nathan" days. 

You are still a really affectionate kid.  I thought it was a phase for a while, but it has never stopped.  You love to snuggle and give hugs and be close to us.  But I don't know yet if you are an outgoing kid or more introverted.  You are not shy, if someone waves to you, you will wave back.  But sometimes you are shy to try things, although sometimes not too.  When we were in California you were the first one to go on the roller coaster, where Lucas was unsure. 

You are not a picky eater (knock on wood), you love vegetables.  We made chinese dumplings and edaname you ate those, when we go to Edo you get California rolls.   You are willing to try anything and you usually like most of it. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you from the last 5 years. 


You are a great, sweet and funny kid.  You make our family complete and my life so much more enriched and loving.  Thanks Bub bub and happy birthday!

love mommy.

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Goofball said...

Great pictures, he has such a contagious smile