Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Break Morning

This morning Nathan was downstairs playing MindCraft and he came upstairs to ask me a question. 

Nathan " Mom when you were a little girl did you play x-box?"
Jenn  "No x-box wasn't invented yet"
Nathan with huge eyes: "You didn't have an x-box?"  Then making a gesture with his arms out in questioning. 
Jenn  "Nope, no one had one, they weren't invented yet"
Nathan " Holy"

Then he headed back downstairs to continue to play and ponder it.  10 Minutes later he comes back up

Nathan  "Did you have a mom and dad when you were a little girl?"
Jenn "Yes"
Nathan " And they didn't let you play?"
Jenn " Oh we played lots with dolls and barbies and my little ponies"
Nathan: Making faces like he ate something sour at the mention of "girl" toys.  " So you didn't have video games"
Jenn: " When I was about 10 we got a Nintendo"
Nathan: What's a Nintendo
Jenn:  A very early version of a video games system. 

Ah that kid is hilarious. 



Anonymous said...

too cute! I loved my nintendo. In fact I still do.

Susan said...

He sure is!

Goofball said...

the world changed huh :)