Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day

This weekend we celebrated a lovely mothers day.  Nathan made me a card which said my favorite thing to do was "cleaning" and my favorite food was tea.  Lucas gave me coupons for 5 hours of no playing video games and 15 hugs.  =)  They are great sweet and wonderful gifts.  For me that's what mothers day is about, special homeade things. 

I wrote a nice post on facebook about how I have so many wonderful moms around me.  First off is my mom.  She was been a great influence.  I know I have gained my confidence and my thinking "I can do anything" from her.   I also have influential moms around me like Tammy and Lesley.  Lesley is like a second mom to both of my kids.  She is a fantastic mother.  Always doing what is best for her kids.  Tammy too, she really loves being with her kids.  Also because both of those ladies have kids that are a couple of years older then mine I'm able to learn alot about them too. 

There's also my mother in law Lynda and Darryl's sister Lori.  Lynda is a great mom as she raised Darryl who is a great dad.  Lori is also a good one to learn from as she has a teenage girl, which I think it most difficult time of life.

So lots of great mothers around me.  I've very fortunate to have so many good role models.


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