Friday, March 01, 2013

Book 3: Then Came You

While in San Diego I finished this book.  It was good, interesting, typical chick lit (which is a term I learned while investing the book)  It's about 3 women and having a baby.  Which sounds odd, but it really all does come together.   If you like typical girl books you'll like this one.  It is well written with good flow.  It's not super controversial, but does make you reflect. 


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Sport Sandbags said...

Hey Jen, thanks for checking in. I am glad to have re-found your blog as i was having trouble getting routed here. Something about the Google+ interface was not letting me get to your blog. Anyway...glad you had fun in SD> I could not agree more about Legoland. It was definitely over-priced for what you got. However, it was almost empty the day I went with Micah so we rode the roller coaster probably 20-times. A lot of those were consecutive too because there was no line-up. If your get down there again....we really like LaJolla and Carlsbad. San Ysidro is also really good for shopping.