Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness

After an exciting February Skiing! California! More California!  We settled into March.  Although March seems to have become quite busy too.  There were lots of shifts at the hospital as there vacation year end in March and then more skiing and more trips (although work related), chalked up to quite a busy March too.  I thought I'd post this before the last week as there should be a bunch of fun stuff to post after that too, as this week is March break for us, so we should be able to do lots of fun stuff.

We have now become a pretty bonafide ski family.  We've been lucky to go quite a few times this month and Nathan can now ski on the bronze chair, which I'm so glad to be off the bunny hill.  Lucas is skiing all the blue runs on the mountain now and doing a really good job.  I also got a lesson from my dad and my skills have improved.  Like Lucas I can ski all the blue runs too.  Which is good for me.  Skiing for me is not about being the best, but having fun with family and friends, enjoying the views and enjoying being outside in the winter.

IN the middle of the month I got to go on a work trip to Prince George. It was a excellent learning opportunity for me and I really enjoyed it.  Plus I got to meet and work with lots of great people. 
Although we spent 12 hour days working, it was still kind of a vacation for a mom. The hotel we stayed at made my bed, they had a pool so I could swim every morning, all my food was made for me, I didn't have to do the big run around in the morning. Of course none of this would have been possible if Darryl wasn't so awesome. He stayed home and hung out with the kids. He made the food and the beds and did the big run around in the mornings. As well thanks to my mom for helping out too.  

This last week we had a house guest for a week.  Nathan brought home Mr. Frog

Which was very exciting for Nathan.  We had to fill out a book at the end about all the exciting things we did with Mr. Frog (which was work for Mom) Nathan also completed gymnastics this week and he is growing up so quickly.  It's nice that he is able to do so much.  Nice that we are able to enjoy things together as a family.   The last day of gymnastics is where they are suppose to demonstrate their skills to the family and it just so happened Lucas had a PD day, so it was really fun for all of us to try the fun things at gymnastics.  It's interesting to see Lucas encouraging Nathan and pushing Nathan's comfort zone because Lucas is able to do those things.  I can see how the second seems to grow up much faster then the first.

After we went to Lucas's class for "student led" interviews.  This was also really fun as Lucas was able to show Nathan and I all the fun activities he is learning in class.    He's learning about temperature and writing stories.  He's also working on reading french and doing math (which is his favorite subject).  When talking to his teachers about him, they said he was a "delight" to have in class.  It gives me such peace and contentment to know all the issues we had last year with his anxiety and the worrying he still can have are not hindering him in class. 

Well I hope everyone else is having a fun spring.  We are having the typical Calgary weather, unpreditable.  But I see buds on the tree and muddy footprints on my floor, so it must be getting warmer. 

Till Next Time.


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