Monday, March 07, 2011

Winter 2011 Playlist

1. The Cave: Mumford and Sons. Hands down my favorite band of late. If you love banjo and songs that build and rock songs you'll love them. If you saw them at the Grammys you'll know what I mean about music building. If you like this song I would also recommend Little Lion Man and Roll Away Stone.
2. Dog Days are Over: Florence and the Machine. I may have been in the dark about this song for a while. It was a song I kept hearing on the radio and loved it, but never heard the name of it. Again the Grammy's (you'll notice a theme here) introduced me to her great voice and then I found this song.
3. Alberta Bound: Brian Adams. Obviously...
4. Stuck Like Glue: Sugarland. I'm not really a country fan, but her voice is growing on me. Besides who doesn't love a song with some reggae rap in it. =)
5. Jumpstart These kids wear crowns: It was a free song from itunes and it's great. Especially for those of you who like pop music (I'm looking at you Alexis and Lesley). I don't think it's a radio song- but it could be. My kids like to dance to it too.
6. Born this Way Lady Gaga: This is a radio song and it certainly sounds like Madonna's Express yourself, but I still really enjoy it. I also like the message.
7. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise: Avett Brothers. Again a fantastic performance at the Grammys. I've had this song on itunes for a while, as I've loved the song I and Love and You for a while, but this song is on rotate now.
8. Uncharted: Sara Bareillies She has such a great voice and this song is up beat and has a great message.
9. Heavy Metal Girls: Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans: If you follow me on Twitter you know I saw these guys earlier this week. I enjoy their whole album but this is probably my favorite song of all of them. It was great live (as songs should be)
10. Rolling in the Deep: Adele This is from her new album and man this woman can sing it. Tammy introduced it to me and as she says it's a little motown.
11. Firework: Glee Cast. Again a great message and I like Lea Michelle singing it better then Katy Perry.

What's been on your playlist lately?


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Matt C. said...

Wow! Your playlist looks a lot like mine!

Some of the recent additions to my playlist:

KMAG YOYO - Hayes Carl
Something in the Water - Brooke Fraser
What I Wouldn't Do - Bomb In a Birdcage
Down by the Water - The Decemberists (the harmonica sounds Ike Blue Rodeo's 5 Days in May)
You Sent Me Two Letters - Mike Edel